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In a very beautiful place, in the peaceful heart of Oaxaca, a unique, colorful and lovely city in that you can experience tranquility and excitement in equal measures we offer you two very cozy rental houses at a very reasonable price. Why stay in a crowded hostel? if you can stay with your family in our cozy houses.

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Oaxaca city is one of the most culturally and historically interesting cities in Mexico.

Capital of the southern state of Oaxaca, our city’s streets are laid out in an easy-to-navigate north-south and east-west grid. Important historical figures such as Benito Juárez, Porfirio Díaz, and José Vasconcelos were born and lived here. Oaxaca boasts magnificent architecture in the designs of its many beautiful churches -The Cathedral, La Defensa, La Soledad, Jalatlaco, San Felipe Nery and La Compañia. The recent restoration of the church and convent of Santo Domingo merits special attention.

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